Do you like PDFy, the Cryto Coding Collective, or any of the other things I work on? A donation is very much appreciated!

I live entirely off donations, putting all my time into non-commercial projects, so every donation, no matter how small, is welcome.

To give some perspective, my total monthly expenses (including living expenses, hosting, etc.) are around 500 euro.

I know this is an ugly donation page, the projects I'm working on have a higher priority than sprucing up this page :)


You can send your Bitcoin donations to 12TSXLa5Tu6ag4PNYCwKKSiZsaSCpAjzpu.


Recurring through Gratipay

Click here to make a weekly contribution through Gratipay!


Other methods (cash-in-mail, bank, gift cards, ...)

If you have some other prefered method of donating, please let me know! I accept most methods.

Be aware that, since I'm in the EU, non-SEPA bank transfers will result in a significant transaction fee being shaved off by my bank.