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Bye WordPress!

02 Feb 2014

WordPress is no more!

After months of procrastination, I've finally switched away from my WordPress blog. Their placing of ads has been annoying me for a while, and I don't really like having so little control over my blog layout either.

So I've switched to Jekyll.

Jekyll is basically a static site (and blog) generator. It takes Markdown (and some other formats) as input format, and generates static HTML, that you can host virtually anywhere. Obviously, I didn't want to lose any of my old blog posts... so I wrote a handy tool that automatically converts a WordPress export XML file to Jekyll-compatible files, even downloading attachments and rewriting URLs. You can find it here.

The comments section is unavailable for now. I'll eventually look into some kind of embeddable comments system (most likely custom-made, I don't like Disqus and such at all), but there's absolutely no ETA on when that will happen. Until then, you can of course always reach me on Twitter, or via e-mail. If you'd like to receive e-mail subscriptions for new posts on my blog, you can use a FeedBurner e-mail subscription. A regular RSS feed can also be found here.

I'll be removing and redirecting posts on my old WordPress blog soon. Enjoy your reading!