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Redesigning society: Introduction

18 Sep 2013

It's time for change.

But not just any kind of change, real change. As time goes on, more and more often it turns out that corruption is everywhere, no entity can be trusted, and - quite frankly - all of society is literally hanging by a thread.

Economic systems about to collapse or already in the process of doing so, governments spying on and attacking their citizens, people being unjustly imprisoned, the environment being utterly destroyed for commercial gain, people losing their homes, unemployment and therefore poverty rising, increasing ignorance amongst the population... it appears that pretty much every aspect of society is broken in some way or other, with no reliable fix in sight.

For the past few years, I have been fleshing out quite a few ideas, that together make up a proposal for redesigning society as a whole. I've been discussing these ideas with a lot of people, and made quite some changes and improvements to them as a result. In this series of blog posts, I will be describing these ideas, and how to implement them in reality. New posts will appear on an irregular schedule, as I find the time and inspiration to put these ideas into words.

There are, it appears, a few basic pillars of society:

  1. Government: Quite literally "governing people" to prevent conflict and harm.
  2. Economy: Means of trade, designed to mitigate the effects of scarcity.
  3. Education: The means for people to learn new skills and techniques.
  4. Work: Creativity, production, and other efforts that contribute to society or parts thereof.

These 'pillars' together are necessary - or at least, perceived to be necessary - to keep society running smoothly, and to keep people from harm. For each of these pillars, I will be writing one post that explains the problems with the current model, and my redesigned proposal for that pillar.

I do have to ask that you do not make a judgment until the entire series of posts has been completed. These pillars of society are all very strongly interwoven, and you need to see each pillar in the context of the other pillars. This also means that, if you try to take one of the posts and apply it to current society, it will appear to be a failure. In the current model of society, all pillars also depend on each other, and changing just one of them won't work.

I'll also warn that this series will contain quite a few unusual concepts and ideas. They work very differently from how most societies work today, and will take some time to take in. Additionally, it would be unreasonable to expect an overnight transition to the redesign I am proposing, even if it does work well - people tend to be set in their ways, and it would be very hard to instantly change how things work.

And that is what the fifth post in this series will be about; a model for introducing these ideas to the world in a gradual fashion, requiring little cooperation from current society. It will be a model that not only introduces the idea to 'society' at large, but also tests its feasibility in the process.

Finally, I'd like to say this: the redesign I am proposing is not centered around a certain culture. It is designed around human instincts and logical 'defaults', not around the history or bias of a certain population. If this proposed model does indeed work, there is no reason for it not to work in specific places in the world.

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