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Announcing ReDonate: Recurring contributions done right.

03 Mar 2013

I’m happy to announce the launch of ReDonate, the only 100% voluntary recurring donations service.

ReDonate allows you to receive monthly donations from fans or users, without locking them in to a subscription, and without any automatic charges whatsoever! There are no restrictions on what payment processors or payment methods you can support, either.

So, how does it work?

When you subscribe to a ReDonate campaign, you indicate how much you wish to donate to the campaign per month. Every month, you will receive an e-mail reminding you of your pledge, including donation links for various payment methods that let you donate straight away. None of your accounts are ever automatically charged, you are completely in charge of whether you wish to keep donating or not!

You can unsubscribe from a ReDonate campaign at any time, for any reason, without any kind of penalty. Just click the unsubscribe link in any of the e-mails we send you, confirm your unsubscription, and you’re done! No more “whoops, forgot to cancel” moments.

What's the difference with Flattr?

Everything, really. Flattr lets you assign a certain fixed amount of money to donate every month, and splits it up between all the projects you pick for that month. ReDonate, however, lets you make individual pledges to individual campaigns, without fees or arbitrary limitations, and without automatically taking any money from a donor.

Why should I use ReDonate as a developer/artist/anything else?

Many people want to regularly support the things they like, but are put off by the automatic charges and potential hassle of cancelling a traditional recurring donation. Similarly, many recipients of donations are not comfortable with “locking people in” to recurring donations.

ReDonate offers the solution, by letting you accept monthly donations in an ethical manner - without the automatic charges, without the hassle of cancellation, and without locking your users or fans in to a donation that they’d rather not send. After all, aren’t donations supposed to be voluntary?

By accepting recurring donations through ReDonate, you can create a more predictable income from completely voluntary donations. As a bonus, you’ll get a neat dashboard to keep track of how things are going!

What’s the catch? Do you charge any fees?

No. ReDonate is 100% free, no exceptions. No fees, no paid memberships, nothing. ReDonate is a non-profit project supported by the Cryto Coding Collective.

It's open for anyone to use, without restrictions. If you like ReDonate and want to support it, you can of course always donate to us! :)

Who are using ReDonate?

These are some of the projects that already use ReDonate:


Our goal is a decentralized and censorship-resistant Web; a Web that can't be surveilled or censored, a Web with no master. Our contribution to that goal is Tahoe-LAFS, a Free and Open cloud storage system. It distributes your data across multiple servers, so that even if some of them fail or are taken over by an attacker, the storage system continues to function correctly without compromising your privacy or security. (campaign)


Neon is an open source multi-user control panel based on nginx, MySQL and PHP. Neon, once installed on a server, allows you to create and manage user accounts, each with their own private file storage, domains, DNS, e-mail, databases and backups. Neon comes with an automated installer that turns a blank server into a fully configured webserver, including mailserver, DNS server, and FTP daemon. Neon is currently in development. (campaign)


Id3nt is a censorship-resistant microblogging service exclusive to the I2P network, a Twitter for cryptoanarchists, whistleblowers, those under the yoke of oppressive regimes, and privacy-loving users everywhere. With a voting system and a soon-to-be-launched privilege feature, Id3nt encourages positive contributions, incentivizing information sharing and a frank and unguarded exchange of views.  With no identifiable location, no hosting service to approach, subpoenas and takedown requests are about as effective as a chocolate fireguard! Bulletproof yourself today, get on the I2P network and id3ntify yourself! (campaign)


I2Pfux is a 100% compatible fork of I2P, software that puts privacy and anonymity center stage in the fight against the ongoing erosion of civil liberties. If you're an activist, a whistleblower, or just someone who cares about civil liberties, I2Pfux is for you! With anonymous e-mail, torrenting, chat and webserving built in, and the option to run pretty much most services that exist on the normal net, it's a comprehensive communication solution for those that don't take kindly to their private business being infringed upon! (campaign)


CVM is a free and open-source VPS panel currently in development, with a focus on clean and secure code. Support is currently exclusively for OpenVZ, but KVM and Xen support are planned in the near future. CVM features a clean and simple user interface, a reliable and organized codebase, unobfuscated code, the possibility to use your own themes, and much much more! (campaign)

anonyopsAnonyOps is a popular news source covering new and developing stories focused on the online collective Anonymous. We cover Anonymous operations, hacks, protests, and other activist stories. We also host many other activities related to the topic, including live streams of protests and other events, and live coverage of these events. AnonyOps has been in the news covering scene for two years and is constantly improving. (campaign)

Want to use ReDonate or learn more?

Visit ReDonate now!