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Useful software you never heard of: Radio Tray

20 May 2012

The About screen for Radio Tray

There are no doubt quite a few people that regularly listen to various internet radio stations. After all, it's pretty much the easiest way to have music constantly playing without having to take care of playlists. A quite useful utility for Linux is Radio Tray, which is literally not much more than an icon in your tray that allows you to listen to configurable internet radio stations. It's extremely lightweight, has almost no user interface, and doesn't get in your way.

By clicking the tray icon, you will see a list of configured radio stations - to listen to one, you simply click it. If you want to, you can easily add your own radio stations as well.

Radio station configuration

It also offers notifications (through libnotify) of new tracks that just started playing.

Tray notifications for Radio Tray \(under XFCE\) Tray notifications for Radio Tray (under XFCE)

Installing Radio Tray

To install it on OpenSuSE, you just have to do

zypper install radiotray

It's also packaged on various other distributions - check the repositories for your distribution to see what the package name is.