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Something Stinks in the Story of Sabu

10 Mar 2012

Spoiler: nearly all of Anonymous appears to be willing to trust information from organizations they seem to normally consider their enemies. Also, GoDaddy is suspicious.

Apparently it has not occurred to anyone that all information in the case of Sabu and the LulzSec arrests, originates from either the FBI itself, or Fox News (through some kind of 'inside source'). Think about this for a second. What was the law enforcement organization that Anons appear to almost universally hate? The FBI. What was the news outlet known for it's shoddy reporting and unreliable reports, despised by many Anons? Fox News.

Is it really a good idea to blindly trust information coming from these two, at best questionable, sources? Does anyone really believe that "Fox News would never make this up" or "the FBI would never issue false documents"? There does not seem to be any information whatsoever from any source other than these two, so is it really a good idea to assume the 'official story' is what happened?

Yet, never before have Anons and other internet creatures been seen so quickly turning on someone they idolized only days before. The #FuckSabu hashtag is widely used, people are calling for the release of all Anons 'except for Sabu', articles are being written detailing how he personally ratted out LulzSec, lured Anons into traps, and in the meantime killed kittens erryday.

Really, guys?

For another interesting turn of the plot: does anyone remember how Sabu was initially 'doxed'? According to this Ars Technica article, his personal information was found when his WHOIS protection dropped after renewing the domain, which was known to belong to Sabu.

Wait a second. Who owns Domains By Proxy?

Yes, Domains By Proxy, the WHOIS protection service used by Sabu, is part of GoDaddy. Remember how GoDaddy spoke out in support of SOPA, and was caught in backfire from 'the internet'? Remember how they have a history of shutting down controversial domains? Remember how they are in US jurisdiction and appear to consider US law enforcement to be important, no matter how bad it may turn out for other people?

Hey, wait a second, GoDaddy has of course always had Sabu's contact information on file, despite the WHOIS protection! Yet it's claimed that Sabu was found because he connected to an Anonymous-related IRC network without using appropriate protection - a claim that, considering Sabu's IRC habits, sounds quite unrealistic.

Something to think about.

Update: Peter Bright from Ars Technica clarified that the WHOIS exposure was not the source for the initial doxing of Sabu. This does not change the above conclusion that GoDaddy  has always had Sabu's contact details (even before the exposure), but it is still worth pointing out.